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The amazing story behind the 3d renderings in ikea catalogues.

Swedish superbrand IKEA is a household name in most countries of the world. And the IKEA catalogue is well known for having some of the most impressive interior images ever created. What a lot of people didn’t know until recently is that a large amount of those beautiful images are actually 3d renderings created by Ikea’s inhouse 3D visualisation team. Read More

5 Ways 3D Visualisation Rules as a Marketing Strategy

3D Visualisation has been around for a while now but its only in recent years that the level of realism achieved by the top studios is indistinguishable from real life photography. This has lead to virtually limitless possibilities in practically every industry. Here are 5 good reasons why you should consider it for you next project.

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China/India 3D Rendering. Is it Good Value?

Is it worth looking overseas to China or India for cheaper 3d rendering? 

We’ll run you through the pros and cons of using a low cost 3d rendering provider. Obviously we are slightly biased but we get asked the question so often that we thought it would be worth writing a little something about it based on our experience and from what we have heard from our clients. I’ll try and be as neutral as possible!Read More

Property Developers: 10 Reasons Why High Quality 3D Rendering is a Great Investment.

When you think of 3D Renderings you don’t necessarily think of ‘investment’. But being such an important part of a property marketing arsenal, it makes sense to understand how good or bad 3d renderings will affect your bottom line.Read More