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A thoughtfully planned and composed visualisation can be an amazing tool. At ScreenAge we carefully analyze each and every design to find the best possible composition, most flattering angle, and most inspired styling. We create standout architectural renderings for our clients in Perth, Sydney, Mlebourne, Brisbane and all around the world.

ScreenAge architectural visualisation external apartments perth

Architectural Visualisation for Marketing

Being able to sell unbuilt property off-plan is a crucial element to the success of a project. A series of high quality 3d visuals will:

  • Increase the perceived value of your product
  • Create Desire and Drive demand to your project
  • Help you achieve faster sales
  • Help your project stand out from the rest
  • Add value to your brand

The return on investment of a well crafted, high quality, photo-realistic architectural visualisation is extremely high. It will add value to your project and to your brand. It will create desire for your design and will help you achieve faster sales at a higher price. It will help your project stand out, create a buzz and engage and motivate potential buyers and clients. 


Architectural Visualisation for Design Analysis

We work with many amazing architects who utilise our visualisation services to aid in their creation process. We help with:

  • Light / Shadow Studies
  • Material / Colour Analysis
  • Form and Proportion Review
  • Client Presentations
  • Internal Reviews

ScreenAge 3D Rendering North Fremantle

Architectural Visualisation for Design Applications

Securing planning permission can be a difficult process. A photorealistic 3d rendering can help decision makers to visualise the design and is often a prerequisite submission. Visuals can be created using photomontage with a site photo to add accurate context to the design. 

ScreenAge 3d rendering townhouses streetscape perth


3D Architectural Streetscapes enable potential buyers to get a feeling for the neighbourhood they are buying in to. For most buyers, the community they are getting in to plays a very important part in the purchasing decision. An appealing streetscape render helps to set the scene and adds a sense of desire.

Architectural Visualisation Public Open Space 3D Rendering

Public Open Space

Architectural renderings of parks, playgrounds, urban centres, shopping centres and all public open spaces are valuable tools in communicating design intent and are emotive marketing images for larger scale projects.

Architectural Visualisation Masterplan 3D Rendering

Architectural Visualisation Masterplans

Aerial overviews of entire masterplans show prospective buyers/stakeholders the entire community vision. They provide spectacular context to a neighbourhood and allow a better understanding of the overall layout.

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Customer Service Excellence. We want all of our clients to be repeat clients. And we want them to tell all of their friends and colleagues about our 3d rendering studio. It all starts with exceptional customer service.


We Create Beautiful 3D Visuals that SELL. We add value to your project and will go the extra mile to ensure that our 3d renderings appeal to your target audience and outperform your competitors.


We are Affordable. We offer amazing value for money and are extremely cost effective. We have a highly efficient system and studio pipeline that enables us to offer the best prices.


We NEVER outsource our work… EVER. We create 100% of all our visuals in our Australian studios. We have extremely high standards and this is the only way to ensure those standards are kept high.


Communication. Our team comprises of architects, interior designers, stylists, animators and 3d artists. We have decades of architectural and design experience. We are available anytime for a chat, email, skype or a good old face to face meeting.


We Deliver On Time. We want to be known as the 3d rendering company that ALWAYS delivers on time. We’ll pull all nighters to ensure you make your deadline.

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