We are a 3D Rendering Company…

A Visual Communication Studio.

We Create Desire. We Add Value.

Founded in 2015, we have worked with some of the worlds leading brands in creating some of the worlds most influential CGI.
Our culture of creative, revolutionary thinking coupled with our passion and drive to continually push the boundaries of creativity, has enabled us to grow into a full-service digital creative studio that continually strives to produce the best possible visuals for our clients.

What Do We Do?

Architectural Visualisation

Exterior 3D Renders
Interior 3D Renders
Streetscape Renders
Landscape and POS Visuals
Masterplan Aerial Renders
Planning Permission Visuals

3D Animation

Architectural 3D Animation
3D Product Animation
Fly-through Animation
Character Animation

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality for Architecture
Training and Simulation VR
Educational VR
Static 360 Photospheres
Realtime Virtual Reality

3D Product Rendering

Photorealistic Product Renders
Studio Photography Renders
Technical Visualisations
Content Creation

Who Are We?

Our Vision

We produce stunning 3D visuals that create incredible results for our clients. Through dedication and passion to our artform we communicate design intent in its most perfect form.

Our Mission

To create a company that is world renowned for the highest level of 3d visualisation and to provide exceptional customer service to our clients.

Our Values

Core Value # 1

To consistently create the most beautiful and inspiring 3D Visualisation in the world.

Core Value # 2

Provide exceptional customer service and convenience to every client in every single interaction. Go above and beyond. 

Core Value # 3

Be on trend. Embrace new styles and technologies in both the design and visualisation spheres. 

Core Value # 4

Always be looking to improve. Always be willing to share your knowledge with the team. 

Our Team

The ScreenAge team boasts a wide variety of international design professionals – Architects, Photographers, Interior Designers, 3D Artists, Animators and Stylists. Together we form an interdisciplinary design team with an enormous amount of experience, skill and talent at your disposal on every single project. 

The Process

  • Step 1 – Quote. Send your brief to hello@screenage.com.au We’ll get back to you with a quote within a couple of hours. Or if you’d prefer a chat or to setup a meeting please get in touch here.

  • Step 2 – Documents. Woohoo we’re going ahead with the project! Next step is to start gathering the project documents. We’ll send you a quick list of the docs we require before commencement. Or you can view our standard list here.

  • Step 3 – 3D Modelling and Camera Angles. Now the fun starts! We’ll create a highly detailed 3d model of the project and send through some camera angle options for you to check out and offer any feedback you may have on the project so far.

  • Step 4 – Adding/tweaking Details. Once the best angles have been decided we’ll begin adding all the lighting, materials, furniture, landscaping and props. We’ll send you preview renders of each angle after this stage as well. As usual your feedback is always welcome!

  • Step 5 – Final Imagery. Once you are 100% happy with the preview images we will render out the final ultra high resolution visuals and send them to you! Easy!

ScreenAge Terms and Conditions

Our Clients

Here are just some of the brands that we are lucky enough to work with:

Why Choose Us?


Customer Service Excellence. We want all of our clients to be repeat clients. And we want them to tell all of their friends and colleagues about our 3d rendering studio. It all starts with exceptional customer service.


We Create Beautiful 3D Visuals that SELL. We add value to your project and will go the extra mile to ensure that our 3d renderings appeal to your target audience and outperform your competitors.


We are Affordable. We offer amazing value for money and are extremely cost effective. We have a highly efficient system and studio pipeline that enables us to offer the best prices.


We NEVER outsource our work… EVER. We create 100% of all our visuals in our Australian studios. We have extremely high standards and this is the only way to ensure those standards are kept high.


Communication. Our team comprises of architects, interior designers, stylists, animators and 3d artists. We have decades of architectural and design experience. We are available anytime for a chat, email, skype or a good old face to face meeting.


We Deliver On Time. We want to be known as the 3d rendering company that ALWAYS delivers on time. We’ll pull all nighters to ensure you make your deadline.

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