3D Rendering Services

When it comes to creating marketing imagery for your property or product before anything has been built, if you want results, then 3d renderings are the ultimate solution. We are one of Australia’s leading providers of 3D rendering services to clients in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

At ScreenAge we specialise in the 4 key areas of 3d rendering services:

  1. Architectural Visualisation
  2. 3D Product Rendering
  3. 3D Animation
  4. Virtual Reality

We’ll run you through all the various options and how they can help you.

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ScreenAge 3D Rendering North Fremantle

Architectural Visualisation

Photorealistic 3D Renderings created from architectural drawings enable people to see the building long before its ever built. They are commonly used for:

Marketing Material – selling property off plan has always been a challenge and 3d renderings have become the mandatory solution. In fact its rare that you will find a new property development without them. Potential buyers have come to expect them.

Whats’s their true value?
The true value of a 3d rendering lies in being able to inspire the viewer into buying (and hopefully paying more) for your property and this is where the quality of the renders makes a HUGE difference.

We get more into 3d renderings for marketing here.

Design Applications – most councils in Australia require/prefer the submission of a 3d render of the proposed design in order for them to process your application. The renders illustrate design intent and give your submission a much better chance of approval.

Design Analysis – being able to see a photorealistic image of exactly what a design will look like before anything has been built is a tremendous tool for designers and owners. Avoid costly oversights and see every element come together before the first brick has been laid (and things become more costly).


ScreenAge 3D Product Rendering Perth Speaker Electronics

3D Product Rendering

Producing and photographing a physical prototype can be a time consuming and expensive process. ScreenAge can create perfectly photo-realistic 3d renders of your design that present a fast, cost effective alternative to traditional methods.

Endless Possibilities…
We can test different materials, colours, shapes and designs in any scene imaginable to help you perfect your product before manufacturing.

Studio Shots – a perfectly lit studio shot showcasing a product is a must have for any marketing arsenal. These shots are great for websites, brochures and content marketing. Virtual 3D photo studios give us complete control over every detail of the shot. The light doesn’t change and the product doesn’t melt!

Insitu Shots –  are great for displaying your product in action in its ideal environment. We are able to create perfectly photo-realistic environments that will make your product look amazing.

Content – is king and its often difficult to keep up with the amount of content that is required to stay relevant to your audience. With unlimited creativity and boundless alternatives, CGI is the perfect way to cost effectively produce more content for your marketing channels.


3D Animation

There’s something about a movie that really captures peoples attention. To be able to view a building or product in a stunning photo-real animation creates a deeper sense of understanding. To be able to move and flow through a space or around an object gives the viewer a more complete experience. At ScreenAge we implement many high grade cinematic visual effects into our work to make sure it packs a serious punch.

Cinematic Animation –  a beautifully crafted, awe inspiring short film brings a new level of emotion that still imagery can’t convey. The addition of music and motion creates additional layers of information and emotion with which to inspire the viewer. 3D rendered animation is often mixed with real lifestyle footage to tell a detailed story about the project. Its no secret that video considerably outperforms still images when it comes to user engagement and view counts on social media and other marketing platforms.

Fly-through Animation – is a more descriptive type of animation which gives the user a ‘guided tour’ of the project. Fly-throughs are commonly used for more commercial style projects where its imprtant to see the functionality of a space.

ScreenAge 3D Animation 3D rendering Service

ScreenAge Virtual Reality 3D rendering Service

Virtual Reality

VR technology has brought with it exciting new ways to showcase a project or product. A new level of immersive content enables the viewer to experience something truly unique and groundbreaking. There are a few different forms to choose from:

360 Photospheres – when wearing a set of lightweight, portable VR googles (like the Samsung Gear ), 360 photosphere renders enable the viewer to be fully immersed in a static scene. Imagine standing in the middle of a room and being able to look around in all directions.

Virtual Tours – being able to teleport from room to room is now a reality. This is a brilliant way to show someone an entire home or building. Basically the viewer moves from one 360 photosphere to another. People have a lot of fun with this technology.

Fully Immersive VR – this is another level up from 360 photospheres. Basically the viewer puts on a set of VR goggles (like the Oculus Rift) and is able to walk around and fully explore an entire environment. Imagine walking around a new home or apartment, opening doors and exploring every room. This is the ultimate VR experience.

Who Can We Help?

Architects – we work with a lot of great architects who use our 3d rendering services to create marketing imagery, Design Application Renders and for Design Analysis & Lighting/Space Studies for their projects.

Property Developers – usually come to us looking for really high quality marketing imagery for their building designs. They typically use the visuals for websites, brochures, social and print ads.

Product Designers & Manufacturers – use our services to create photo-realistic imagery of their products. We usually do a mix of studio renders and insitu environments.

Home Builders – we work with many home building company’s around Australia who we create external facade renders and interior shots for.

Landscape Architects – typically come to us with large POS, park and playground designs.

Interior Designers – use us to visualise fixtures and fittings as well as the materiality of the project they are working on. We create fully photo-realistic interior renders for them.

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