When you think of 3D Renderings you don’t necessarily think of ‘investment’. But being such an important part of a property marketing arsenal, it makes sense to understand how good or bad 3d renderings will affect your bottom line.

3D Renderings can Make or Break your Project

In Australia, as a guide, you could pay anywhere between $800 to $4k per render for a typical Architectural Visualisation Project. For $800 you will get a quick and dirty render by an inexperienced, untalented 3d artist that will probably make your project look worse than it actually is. As you pay more you can expect to get a higher quality render created by a more talented artist or team.

Why do some 3D Studios Charge more than Others?

As with most professions, the more experienced and talented you are the more you will get paid. A talented and experienced 3d artist can command a high salary for their services. If a studio creates amazingly beautiful photo-realisitc renders you can bet that there is a bunch of talented and experienced 3d artists employed there. At ScreenAge we also employ stylists and interior designers… all of which add to the quality of the service and quality of the render that is produced. If you want a high quality product that outperforms the cheaper and inferior alternatives then you can expect to pay more for that premium product/service.

Return on Investment

When you analyse the value of a 3d rendering from an economic viewpoint you can begin to see the real value of paying more for a higher quality product.

The Numbers

Lets use an example to demonstrate:

There are 2 seperate luxury 50 apartment developments targeted at young professionals and high end buyers. Both property’s are located in an up and coming inner city suburb where there are a lot of similar apartment developments on the market. The branding/marketing teams working on the projects want to get 2 external renders showcasing the beautiful contemporary architectural design as well as 3 internal renders displaying the typical open plan kitchen/living/dining, bedroom and bathroom designs.

They get multiple quotes. We’ll take the high and the low as examples:

High Quote – $4k per render for a total of $20k

Low quote – $1k per render for a total of $5k

The high quote is from a well known, large 3d studio with a great reputation for consistently producing fantastic 3d visuals. The portfolio renders on their website are amazing.  The low quote is from a relatively unknown freelance 3d artist who has a website with some average looking renders on it that aren’t too bad but are nowhere near the quality of the portfolio from the higher quote.

One developer decides to take a punt on the low quote in order to save money and maximise profits. They get the renders finished and as expected they are average in quality. The other developer decides to go with the high quote because they know they will get amazing looking renders that will make their project stand out.

The project that paid $15k extra for the high quality renders were able to put together an awesome marketing campaign. They were able to generate a huge amount of buzz by releasing the renders on instagram and facebook. They were able to create an awesome website and brochures which featured the renders. They got large billboards made up and printed the renders all over the fencing on the building site. These renders were used everywhere! They got an amazing response and the sales team were inundated with inquiries.

The initial response was so strong that they decided to increase the price of each apartment by $10k. Now I’m no math genius but that equates to

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. And 3D renderings are no different. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys! A really high quality, photo-realistic 3d rendering that is carefully crafted to appeal to your target audience and that makes your project look amazing, is going to take an experienced 3d studio a lot of man hours

Here are 10 reasons why high quality 3d renderings are a great investment:

  1. Increase the $ value of your project.
  2. Create desire and drive demand to your project
  3. Help you achieve faster sales
  4. Help your project stand out
  5. Add value to your brand

For the relatively low cost of a few high quality 3d renderings you could increase the value of your project and your brand by tens of thousands of dollars (if not hundreds of thousands of dollars). Your marketing campaign will be more successful and will achieve better and faster results. The ROI of high quality 3d Renderings is extremely high.

Don’t Risk It. Low Quality, Cheap 3D Renders will:

  1. Make your project look cheap and nasty
  2. Drive people away from your project and straight to the competition (who have high quality 3D renders).
  3. Decrease the value of your project
  4. Decrease the value of your brand
  5. Slow down the sales of your project

You might save a few hundred dollars in the short term, but in the long term, low quality/cheap 3d renders will end up costing you money.