Welcome to the ScreenAge. We Create Stunning 3D Visualisation of the Unbuilt.

ScreenAge is a leading Australian 3D Visualisation Company. We have delivered spectacular 3d visuals to our clients in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We specialise in creating high quality Architectural Visualisation, 3D Animation, 3D Product Rendering and Virtual Reality.

What Do We Do?

Architectural Visualisation

Exterior 3D Renders
Interior 3D Renders
Streetscape Renders
Landscape and POS Visuals
Masterplan Aerial Renders
Planning Permission Visuals

3D Animation

Architectural 3D Animation
3D Product Animation
Fly-through Animation
Character Animation

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality for Architecture
Training and Simulation VR
Educational VR
Static 360 Photospheres
Realtime Virtual Reality

3D Product Rendering

Photorealistic Product Renders
Studio Photography Renders
Technical Visualisations
Content Creation

Why Choose Us?


Customer Service Excellence. We want all of our clients to be repeat clients. And we want them to tell all of their friends and colleagues about our 3d rendering studio. It all starts with exceptional customer service.


We Create Beautiful 3D Visuals that SELL. We add value to your project and will go the extra mile to ensure that our 3d renderings appeal to your target audience and outperform your competitors.


We are Affordable. We offer amazing value for money and are extremely cost effective. We have a highly efficient system and studio pipeline that enables us to offer the best prices.


We NEVER outsource our work… EVER. We create 100% of all our visuals in our Australian studios. We have extremely high standards and this is the only way to ensure those standards are kept high.


Communication. Our team comprises of architects, interior designers, stylists, animators and 3d artists. We have decades of architectural and design experience. We are available anytime for a chat, email, skype or a good old face to face meeting.


We Deliver On Time. We want to be known as the 3d rendering company that ALWAYS delivers on time. We’ll pull all nighters to ensure you make your deadline.

From our Blog…

The Amazing Story Behind the 3D Renderings in the IKEA Catalogue

Swedish superbrand IKEA is a household name in most countries of the world. And the IKEA catalogue is well known for having some of the most impressive interior images ever created. What a lot of people didn’t know until recently is that a large amount of those beautiful images are actually 3d renderings created by Ikea’s inhouse 3D visualisation team.

3D Rendering 10.09.18

3 Easy Steps to a Perfect 3D Rendering Brief

Preparing a brief for a 3d rendering job may not be the sexiest task you can think of but if you spend a bit of extra time to really nail the brief, the renders you get back will outperform those of your competitors in a big way. In this article I’ll run you through the 3 simple steps to creating the perfect brief for your next 3d rendering project.

3D Rendering 03.10.18

How to Get Started in Architectural Visualisation. Powerful Insider Tips.

We get enquiries almost daily from people looking to get started in architectural visualisation and wondering how to get a job at ScreenAge. In this article we will share some valuable information about our workflow, the software that we use and a whole bunch of useful links to some fantastic resources that will fast track your career in 3d visualisation.

Architectural Visualisation 22.08.18

5 Ways 3D Visualisation Rules as a Marketing Strategy.

3D Visualisation has been around for a while now but its only in recent years that the level of realism achieved by the top studios is indistinguishable from real life photography. This has lead to virtually limitless possibilities in practically every industry. Here are 5 good reasons why you should consider it for you next project.

3D Visualisation 16.07.18

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